Deep is a new strategic partner of the self-driving boat supporting with sonar equipment

News   •   September 5, 2017

Deep concludes a strategic cooperation with the initiator of the world’s first autonomous vessel, the Big Data company Xomnia from Amsterdam.

Deep is a worldwide operating survey company with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company is specialized in mapping the seabed by means of geophysical and hydrographic (oceanographic) measurement techniques.
Deep has installed a sophisticated 3D sonar system on the first autonomous vessel. Herewith the strategic collaboration between the Amsterdam based big data company Xomnia, initiator and developer of this first autonomous vessel, and Deep was concluded.

The underwater world of Amsterdam

From the autonomous vessel, images of this underwater world are recorded with the help of sonar equipment. ‘Sonar is a measurement technique that uses sound propagation under the surface of the water to measure the seabed and to, for example, detect object lying on the ground’, explains Jurgen Beerens from Deep.


A typical Amsterdam underwater scene: a bridge pillar with bikes and a sunken little boat.

The images are analyzed by the Big Data experts from Xomnia. ‘I am very interested in how the underwater world of Amsterdam looks like. It is really exciting to be able to classify objects lying on the ground of the canals in this way. The vessel is characterized by innovation, and we hope that the results of our analysis will add value to the city of Amsterdam’, says Pieter Boon, partner of Xomnia.

Autonomous vessel

Our aim is to develop the world’s first autonomous vessel on the basis of artificial intelligence (deep learning) with a minimum amount of hardware. Xomnia wants to shift the focus from sophisticated hardware towards an algorithmic approach in order to reduce the cost of autonomous vehicles.  

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